Thursday, December 6, 2012

As said that Windows Phone 8 operating firmware is now in the race to compete with the lead in the mobile market which is Android. It is said that Windows Phone 8 is more stable version than that of Windows Phone 7.5 which had lot of issue. It resolves most of them and is supposed to be the best operating firmware with user friendly features. HTC has unveiled its latest 8S phone which is Windows Phone 8 based device. The other device is HTC 8X. You can have a look to the HTC 8X review on our portal that is HTC Windows Phone 8X review. Let us now discuss about the HTC 8S phone which comes up with great specs and aspects to be the best smartphone.

Build and Design
If you look for the build and design of the phone it comes up with a 4inch display screen that support 720p HD. It has a good resolution as per the screen size depends. The phone comes up in four primary colors namely Gray, black, red and blue.  The device is not that great as the HTC 8X as it is the lower end version of the same. The phone has primary features and has a decent processing power. The camera is good and provides good resolution. Also the phone posses a dual core processor which is much good and can function well desired apps that is much essential with ease. With latest Windows Phone 8 support the apps and phone functions smooth.