Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New colour variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 spotted in Korea

Samsung delivered the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in 6 different colour variants, now recently, 2 more colours were spotted in South Korea. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been spotted sporting two brand new colours in Korea.
A Japanese mobile news website reported about Samsung delivering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in two more colours, the red and brown. Officially these colours are called the Ruby Wine (Red) and Amber Brown
Yes, Samsung’s latest hybrid device and the successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note will come in two more colour variants adding to the original six colours (Titanium Grey, Marble White, Pebble Blue, Garnet Red, and Sapphire Black), unfortunately, there is still no official word from Samsung about these new colour variants and if they will even leave South Korea or Asia.

To refresh your mind, the Galaxy Note 2 comes in with the latest Android flavour (Jelly Bean OS). It is also packed with a powerful quad-core processor and sporting a huge 5.5” display screen. This device also came in with improved S-Pen and more interesting features.
People talked about how this particular handset will not succeed in the market today. They say that it’s too big. But with Samsung’s sales proving them wrong and the new addition of colour variants for this device, you can only laugh in the end.
Its predecessor the Galaxy Note 2 will be receiving its Jelly Bean OS update in a couple of weeks. This is good news for those of you who are still hanging on with your very first ‘phablet’ device from the Korean Tech giant.
Are you excited about the new colour additions? Will you get them or not? Your thoughts please.
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