Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Surveillance System Installation Using CCTV Test Monitor with Security Camera Power Output

CCTV Test Monitor with Security Camera Power Output

The security camera power output that is built into this CCTV test
monitor was extremely useful during a recent system installation
performed near Boulder, Colorado.

I was recently invited to install a video surveillance system at a
beautiful location in the mountains of Nederland, Colorado. The location
had a 1941 commercial bus that was to be rehabilitated into the
ultimate hang-out, viewing area, and fire pit. The owners of the
property wanted to have high definition surveillance cameras to provide security for the bus and to also be able to view any wildlife that came into the area.

When I started the installation, the construction site did not have electrical power fully in place. Being that I brought a CCTV test monitor that has built-in power output, I was still able to begin mounting and focusing the cameras without the permanent power source in place.

Colorado Wildlife & Security Camera System Installation

I can not go into a lot of detail about this security / wildlife
camera project yet because it will be part of a TV show that will air
later this year. I will add more information, photos, and videos when I
am allowed.Here are a few additional pictures that I took of the site
while I was there.

Bus Security Camera

CCTV Camera Installation

This camera was installed to provide security for the left side of the bus.

Wildlife Viewing Camera with Colorado Mountain View

CCTV Camera Colorado Mountain ViewThis
camera was installed as a wildlife camera and to capture this amazing
mountain view in Nederland, Colorado. There is also an outdoor motion
detector installed that triggers recording on the DVR if any animals or
humans come into this area in front of the camera and motion sensor.

Security Cameras / Wildlife Cameras with Outdoor Motion Detectors

Security Camera Installation Colorado

Here is a view of the 3 AHD CCTV cameras and 2 motion detectors that
were mounted on a pole in front of the bus. There is a second motion
sensor mounted on the other side of the pole. The two cameras that are
facing outward are wildlife viewing cameras and the one facing inward
provides security for the bus. When animals enter the area on front of
the pole, the motion detector triggers recording on the DVR and
bookmarks the event for easy viewing. The owners can also get an email
alert when motion is detected. The motion detector that is facing the
bus works the same way, but is designed more for security.

Wildlife Surveillance Camera with Motion Detector

wildlife surveillance camera with motion detector

I mounted this camera and motion detector to a board and strapped in
to a tree near a location where we found mountain lion and bear scat.
The property owners can easily relocate this camera by unstrapping and
re-strapping it to another tree. I left about 150 feet of cable so that
it can be mounted in many locations around the site.

Nederland Colorado

Nederland Colorado Lake Mountain View

Nederland was absolutely beautiful. These pictures were taken away
from the site with the camera system. I just wanted to share how
beautiful this area is. The above picture and blow picture are the water
reservoir in Nederland.

Nederland Colorado Water Reservoir

Mountain Tunnel from Boulder to Nederland

Mountain Tunnel Boulder to Nederland Colorado

This mountain tunnel on the way between Boulder and Nederland is
totally awesome. The inside walls are raw rocky mountain. My daily
commute for this project from Boulder was awesome. Such a different
world from South Florida.

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