Monday, February 13, 2017

New IT products: Google updates G Suite, Sophos launches Phish Threat

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Staying on top of IT is hard. Here's a roundup of this week's new IT product launches to make it a little easier. If you think we're missing something, tell us in the comments below and we'll add it to the list.

Google launches G Suite Enterprise Edition 

Google has launched a new version of G Suite for enterprise users that brings cloud-based services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Calendar and more to businesses. But in order to earn its enterprise edition moniker, the new G Suite package also comes with admin controls that includes "data loss prevention (DLP) for Google Drive, ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t get shared on Google’s cloud storage app," the ability for businesses to use their own S/MIME encryption certificates with Gmail, the option to use two-step authentication, and compatibility with third-party tools for archival purposes. According to VentureBeat, "This package was referred to as Google Apps until September. In addition to G Suite Business, the other previously available G Suite service tiers are G Suite Basic and G Suite for Education, Nonprofits, or Government."

Webroot releases SecureAnywhere DNS Protection

Webroot has launched SecureAnywhere DNS Protection, which it calls "a straightforward... way to prevent everyday web usage from becoming a major security risk." This is most apparent in the fact that SecureAnywhere DNS Protection requires no hardware or software installation — it is entirely web-based and works across "all connected devices, including Windows operating systems, Linux, Apple devices, and Android devices." SecureAnywhere DNS Protection enables IT admins to block malware and other threats at the domain level, enable policy by IP or IP range, and generate reports on all threats that have been blocked by Webroot. In a press release, Webroot says that by continuously updating the threat database behind SecureAnywhere DNS Protection, it is able to "cover the highest volume of domains with the most accurate classification." unveils new USB-C Multi-Card Reader has released a new new USB-C Multi-Card Reader, which supports SD, microSD, CompactFlash with USB 3.0 transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. According to, its latest multi-card reader  is "ideal for creative professionals... [and] makes  it easy to offload photos, video, and other files you’ve saved on your memory cards." In short, for those using newer laptops that lack SD and microSD ports. The card reader requires no drivers and works with all operating systems. It is currently selling for $39.99.

IRONSCALES announces IronShield

IRONSCALES has launched IronShield, a new anti-impersonation and spoofing email security tool designed for Microsoft Outlook. IronShield inspects every email as it is received to check for malware and phishing attempts and uses machine learning technologies to improve its algorithms over time. "A quick button link inside the Outlook and Gmail toolbars enable employees to report suspicious emails based on the email scans and analysis, triggering SOC team notification or an automatic remediation response," IRONSCALES says. This allows IT departments to act fast, while also further training the underlying algorithms to prevent future attacks. IRONSCALES is currently offering free trials of IronShield.

Sophos launches Phish Threat

Sophos has launched Phish Threat, a security testing and training program that IT departments can use to train their organizations to recognize phishing attempts. "Sophos Phish Threat educates and tests your end users through automated attack simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics," Sophos says. Phish Threat allows IT departments to craft their own, unique campaigns from a central console and offers a "template library of nearly 200 real-world attack simulations... to test and train employees before attackers do." Moreover, Phish Threat comes with more than 20 security awareness training modules." Sophos is currently offering free trials of Phish Threat.

Are we missing something? Let us know below and we'll add it to the list! And if you have a product launch planned, let us know and we'll include it in a future roundup. Please email all submissions to


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