Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Thank You Goldie" - Prezzo

Prezzo thanked Goldie for saving him from the Eviction gallows.

As Upville finally quietened following the Live Eviction's, Prezzo followed Goldie upstairs and thanked her for saving him. "Thank you for saving my warrior a**. I appreciate what you did," he said. Goldie seemed to still be beating herself up over choosing to save Prezzo instead of her friend Barbz. "What else could I have done," she asked him, not expecting a response.

Goldie told Prezzo how difficult the swap had been for her and she was gutted that she had placed Keitta in the firing line. "Lady May was used in a swap by DKB. I could not do that to her again. Keitta was the only one I could put up," she told Prezzo.

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